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The Cheat Code To Faith

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

I'm bout to put y'all on gameeeee! Many have asked me, (and by many I mean the many multitudes of zero lol) "How do you sustain your faith? How do you keep the faith during your many trials?" Thank you for asking empty crowd lol. Let me tell y'all a lil secret. The way I am able to keep my faith is by making sure I have a good understanding of who God is, and what He is in relation to me. Simply stating, I know and have full assurance that God is good and He is on my side and He is my father! And when you have a great relationship with the Lord, everything else seems to fall at the wayside. Everything starts to seem as small and insignificant as what it actually is, because I serve a great God that cares for me and is providing everything that I need!

Your perception of the Lord matters! Your image of God greatly influences your walk with Him! If you don't believe that God is good, then it will be hard for you to accept His goodness. If you doubt His power, then it will be hard for you to walk in His power. If you doubt His grace, then it will be hard for you to forgive. Everything about the issues that we face (in spiritual terms) have to do with our perception of God. Many times people will continue to struggle in faith, and in life, because they have not made the realization that the Lord is good, and that you can fully rely on Him. If you put your focus on building a great relationship with the Lord then everything else will start to fall into place in your life. And I know that learning how to start building your relationship with Him can be hard, so I have a few tips on how to grow closer to God.


1. Get To Know God And Learn His Character

Start by getting to know God for yourself. Read the four gospels and learn about Jesus. Make sure you are reading a translation of the bible that you can understand. Write down one character trait about Him in every chapter that you read. How does the way He move make you feel? Then talk to God about it. Tell Him about everything that you read and how you felt about it.

2. Recognize That God Is Your Father

Remember that God is your father. Your Dad, Daddy, Papa, Pop, or any other phrase you want to use for parent. God is NOT your earthly parents (so remember to separate Him from them) and God makes time for, hears, sees, protects, and provides for His children. So you can talk to Him about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. He cares about you and He wants to hear from you.

3. Make Sure You Are ReAffirming This Message

Do you either stream or attend a church every Sunday? Do you listen to music that speaks well of God and His goodness? Do you have anyone around you who also believes in Christ? If not, I would recommend doing one of those tasks, especially attending a church. I understand that finding a gay-affirming church is hard, but since most things are online right now it should be easier to find one that is streaming its services. Getting the message into your spirit is important to having a greater faith in God.

4. Make Space For Him

Make sure you are setting aside time during your day to talk to God, read the bible, or listen to Christian music (and the music don't have to be churchy, it can be rap, pop, RnB, rock, etc.) God loves to see His children make space for Him; and you'll find yourself being happy about it too! (He's a great guy to hang with!)

5. Be Honest With Him

This one here feels like one of the most IMPORTANT things to do with God. If you are upset with Him, please talk to Him about it! He is a big boy and He can handle your emotions (I mean He created them after all). Make sure you are being honest about the way you feel (about Him and about life in general) because hiding things only hinders your growth in the Lord. God already knows how you feel anyways! So you might as well tell Him so He can do something about it.

6. Be Yourself!

Your time with God do not gotta look like everybody else's time with Him. Prayer is just talking to God, so your prayers can look like conversations (my prayers are almost exclusively conversations!). You can journal, rap, make art, dance, or just sit in silence. There is no one set formula to spending time with God. If you wanna bake God a cake or run outside with God or something, gone head and do that! Be yourself friend!


So those are some of the strategies that I implemented into my prayer life that have helped me tremendously in my relationship with God. I just hope that you all see that God truly loves you and He is on your side! And I'm telling you, once you are secure in the Lord then nothing can shake you!

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

Psalm 34:8 NIV

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