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      This ministry was started to fill a need that has been growing within the Christian church. Many LGBTQIA+ people are actively rejected and removed from many church pews and leadership positions within churches. Many Christians actively avoid us or go out of their way to spew hatred and lies against us to invoke fear and self-hatred within us. So this ministry was created with the purpose of dismantling false teaching, ideology, and thought patterns that say we are anything less than God’s prized possession and His beautiful and gracious children. This ministry seeks to destroy strongholds and the hand of the enemy from God’s precious flock. No longer will we stand for homophobia, transphobia, aphobia, misogyny, ableism, racism, capitalistic ideals, or hate in the church. No longer will God’s people be abused or mistreated underneath the false veil of biblical legalism. This ministry seeks to provide a resting place and still waters for those who are tired of dealing with abusive religious power. And this ministry will provide steps on how to remove negative thought processes that do not honor God.  

      All and all, this ministry hopes to provide a light into the darkness that shows that God’s love truly extends towards ALL people. And that God speaks to, works through, and provides for LGBTQIA+ people!  


****For transparency's sake, I would like to inform everyone that I am not qualified (from a human sense) to tell you what to believe. I have never been to seminary, nor have I received a degree in religious studies. I am simply a person who is answering a call that God gave me. So PLEASE pray about everything that I say to see if what I am saying either applies to you or is something you should adopt into your belief system. I am NOT God, nor am I trying to be in place of Him. So please make sure you are bringing these messages to the Father if anything makes you confused or doubtful.*****

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