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Or don't... Lol (we not forcing nobody over here gurl)

If you want to know where the money is going when you donate; it's going to places such as: 

  • Expanding Book Distribution 

  • Paying For The Domain 

  •  Advertising 

  • Expanding the Business (more books, updating the quality, other business expenses, etc.) 

So if you are worried about this ministry trying to steal from their members, I completely understand. I've seen some of the disgusting things people can do when they are blinded by money. So I want to assure you that this money is going to be used to better my content and make it more accessible to more people (with better quality too). I will do my absolute best to not take any donation for granted; and to honor these donations in the way that God would want me to. I don't take this kind of support lightly, and I am very grateful for any who choose to help me in this way.

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