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I Wrote A Book!

This Book Is Only Available In English!

Book Cover "Who Told You That God Was Homophobic?" By Jiamah Pearson. The Bible Is Inclusive Series

Have You Ever Wondered About Any Of These "Controversial" Questions? 

  • Does God Accept LGBTQ+ People?

  • Does God Believe In Equality?

  • Does God Care About Social Justice?

  • Are LGBTQ+ People Made In God's Image?


Many churches don't want to talk about these questions; and that can be frustrating for those who are looking for answers.

Check Out This Book To Find Out The Answers! (P.S. Its Yes to all)

I wrote this book for people to see without a shadow of a doubt, that God loved them. Fully, wholly, unequivocally, and completely. It's not a debate. It's not a side to choose. It is the complete and total truth. God absolutely loves you; and if you have even a hint of doubt in your mind, this book will help you to see how deep and broad is Christ’s love for you! :D

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