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Blog Disclaimer

Hello friends! For all of my blog posts and podcast episodes I wanted to post a disclaimer. I have schizophrenia, which is categorized as being a delusional disorder. And if you don't know what a delusional disorder is, that's when you believe false things, even when faced with the truth. I specifically have a religious delusional disorder so don't take everything that I say on here and just run with it. Take EVERYTHING I say and run it back with God to see if it is true. All of the posts I make are my own opinion. You are not forced to believe anything that I believe. Some of my posts are gonna be me just work shopping some theories that I have. This blog is now meant to simply journal my religious theories and opinions, it's not meant to teach anymore. You guys can comment some of your thoughts and opinions on my posts (as long as they are respectful) and we can talk about what I write about like they are the theories that they are.

Thank you for reading!


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DonQuenick Beasley
DonQuenick Beasley
25 feb

Praying for you in the name of Yahshua Hamashiach for the glory of YHWH Holy Spirit peace that surpasses all understanding Hallelujah Amen

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