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I thought I was finessin...

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Okay yall I'm gone tell yall a little story of how I tried to finesse my way out of gettting God to get me to grow into a better person.

Soooo it all started when I was younger. (I cant exactly remember how old I was) But at a really young age I figured out what praying to be "more like God" really meant. When I would pray it when I was younger I thought that meant something slight tbh. You know like minor positive changes like smiling more, and giving more at church and to the homeless. I was like alright cool I can handle that. That aint even that serious. But eventually I was getting told to do hard stuff like forgiving abusers and being nice to mean people, and other general things that is like only a kids cartoon show character could achieve all the time. And lets be real y'all, ya boy was big mad about that; SO EYE decided to devise a plan. Instead of praying to "be more like Jesus" (which I knew would unlock doors to into deepening your faith from hard situations) I would start praying to "walk in love" . And real talk yall I was like: "yeahhh this it!!" I really thought this was gone bring me back to them easy tasks, not knowing that whole time that that's literally like a description of God. Like its literally who He is! He is LITERALLY love! So I was happy with myself, and then I started hearing the SAME things to do and I was like hold on I prayed for easy mode, what dissss???? and God showed me that 1, He gone do what He want and thats on periodt, and 2 I basically been praying the exact same thing, but in a different way. So basically what happened was I thought I was playing God... but in reality I was playing myself into becoming a better person. Lol congratulations I played myself! But in a good way!

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