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Im writing a book!

Hi guys! I've decided I'm going to write a book! Its gonna be able the stuff in the blog. Its literally gonna be a collection of everything on the website. I want to reach more people with this message and I feel like I could do that with a book. But to be completely honest, I'm kinda nervous about it all. Literally no one reads my blog, my analytics are LITERAL LINES because I get zero views. Plus everything I do is hidden by God for some reason, and its been that way my whole life. I really thought Id reach alot with this site, and I cant even get people to click on it. Its kinda sad. But I'm gonna keep trying my best to get this word out because its super important that I do. This word saved my life, so I know it can help others too! Anyways... thanks for listening internet void, hopefully someone will read this one day...

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