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It's Okay To Make Misstakes

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Hello, my friends! For so much of my life, I RAN from mistakes. I did everything in my power to stop myself from making mistakes; and I would beat myself up severely every time I made a mistake. I would never let myself forget it. And I don't know if you can tell from the frequency in which I write about this, but perfectionism has been such a struggle for me to walk through. So many people treated me so poorly growing up just for being the way I was born, so I felt like I was on such thin ice with everyone around me. Like I had to be perfect in my behavior, because my mere existence had so many people ready to walk away just on the strength of that alone. So I ended up heavily embracing perfectionism because I wanted as few people to leave me as possible, and I felt like it at least gave me some sense of control over my relationships. But as I've grown in the Lord, He keeps telling me that it's okay for me to make mistakes. And to be completely honest, it's truly a hard concept for ya girl to swallow. Cuz I be geeking, and I understand that I do about being perfect, and I know that it's not good for me to be so on edge about this, but I don't know, it's just such a hard issue to break in your mind. But in an effort to get it ingrained in my mind that it is okay to be human, I will tell you all these facts lol. It's okay to make mistakes. You don't have to have it all together. And in fact, it's literally impossible to have it all together. God loves you! And He loves you in complete fullness. For your highs and your lows. You are accepted and loved by God. You don't have to earn His love, and don't have to prove your salvation. Relax. You are forgiven! So hopefully this helped you all! (Even if it was only a little bit) And please pray for me that I will allow these truths to soak into my spirit as well lol. Until next time! <3

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