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Signs That They Are NOT The Bride of Christ

Hello friends! As yall know (if you've been following along) I've been researching all about the Bride of Christ. And if you've missed the last couple of posts on this series I highly suggest you go back and read those posts. However, if you want a short recap, I discovered that the Bride of Christ is ONE PERSON; NOT the church as a whole. And she is NOT anyone who claims that she is the Bride online or in person. (I also discovered the Bride's life through biblical prophecy and you should check that out too!) And with that recap out of the way, let's get into the topic at hand. If yall have been keeping up with the posts you'll know that I have been researching this for a while and that I have come across quite a few false brides that are claiming to be the Bride of Christ online. I went to the Lord with this and He has given me a reason as to why this is happening. So before we get into how to spot a fake Bride, let's discuss why there is so much confusion and mystery surrounding the Bride of Christ.

First and foremost we have to have an understanding as to who the Bride of Christ is prophetically. This person is LITERALLY the highest ranking non-Jesus person to EVER exist. They are the Queen and Mother of ALL CREATION! They will have an IMMENSE amount of influence, authority, and power over the enemy and all of his attacks. So do you think that that devil will go down without a HUGE fight? There is so much confusion, mystery, hiddenness, and lies surrounding the Bride of Christ because this stronghold was made SPECIFICALLY to tear her down and prevent her and Jesus from being together. Satan wanted to spread as much doubt, confusion, and lies as possible in order to stop this union from happening. So the main stronghold is the lie of the church being the Bride. And the next stronghold after that, is the lie that she *herself* is not the Bride. So in order to create doubt, you would have to deceive MANY people into believing that they are the Bride of Christ. So the devil does that by sending false dreams, prophets, and messages to people that makes them believe that they are the Bride when they are not. So in order to help us separate the truth from the lies, here's a list of ways to tell that someone is NOT the Bride of Christ.

Signs That They Are NOT The Bride

1. They are a minor

The Bride of Christ is NOT a child!! God is not a p*dophile.

2. They were a minor when they "found out"

AGAIN God is NOT a p*dophile and He would NEVER tell a child that He was going to marry them.

3. They received this "revelation" through dreams, a prophet, or a messenger

If you read my posts before, you'll know that this relationship is a romantic one, so God would never tap someone and say that they needed to be attracted to Him to fulfill their purpose/calling. It would happen naturally AND the woman would TAKE THE LEAD! God is fully aware of His position in many people's lives, and He would never tell someone this information if they were actually the Bride. They would have to discover it for themselves.

4. They Believe That They Themselves Are God

As we concluded in my last post, the Bride is NOT God. They are a regular human being, so anybody saying this is lying AND being blasphemous on top of that.

5. They Are Immature Spiritually

God would never marry someone who barely knew Him. If they are new in the faith or believe multiple falsehoods about God then they are clearly not the Bride. Good theology means that they actually know the man that they are marrying.

6. They Are Already Married

God would never steal someone's wife away from them. If God called them to an earthly marriage with a human on earth, then they are NOT the Bride of Christ.

So those are all the signs that show that someone is NOT the Bride of Christ. As I have said before, the Bride is ALREADY aware of who she is, and she would more than most likely not share that info with anyone. Because again as I said before, the Bride is isolated AND hidden! The prophecy speaks of her having to prepare herself for the wedding and for her to forget her relatives because she has no one around to help her. But if you ever come across someone who claims that they are the Bride, run through this list to see if they can be trusted. And ALWAYS ask the Lord for confirmation! Until next time! <3

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