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Trusting God Through Adversity

Hello friends! During this time in my life God has been speaking to me about my future. He has been speaking blessings and life into me and sometimes that can be hard for me to believe. I can feel the devil actively coming against me and my faith in Jesus's promises to me. The devil is even using people who are close to me, that I believed had better faith than me to come against what God told me. But I wanted to come on here to let you all know that sometimes God will give you a dream and a blessing that will come to past that is so big that people will call you crazy. Some will be so jealous that they will cast you out. Some will even doubt that what you heard is even from God. There will be many who come against you when God gives you a big dream. However, friends that is evidence that God is truly working in your life!! Just look at Abraham. My mans was in his 80s when God told him he was gonna have a son. And Sarah and him didn't have a child until he was in his 90s!! Mans was ANCIENT! And Sarah had so little faith in the promise that she laughed when God told her. It was so unbelievable to her that she took it as a joke!

So I just wanted to say friends, that sometimes God has called you to a faith that is deeper and wider than those around you. I know it can feel isolating being the only one with the strength to believe, especially if this faith is stretching you as well. I don't want to try to minimize how hard this can be for you. It hurts when people don't believe you. It hurts to go at things with seemingly no one at your side. But I want to let you know that you are not alone! Jesus is right by your side and cheering you on! He has faith in you and so do I! You can do this and God called you for a reason! There is a reason that God gave that promise to you and not the ones around you! You have the strength to believe this thing all the way through! And when this thing comes to past, seeing your promise come true will help to build the faith of the others who doubted you and God's promise to you!

So you see my friends, you cannot give up! You cannot fall through, because EVERYTHING that God says will come to pass! And not only will you see it, but those who doubted you will see it also! Do not fear! Only believe! I have faith in you!

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