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More proof God loves the Gayzeee

Updated: May 23, 2021

God loves the gays!! How many more times can I say this? but if you want yet EVEN MORE proof, here go some more.

'Each of you should go on living according to the Lord's gift to you, and as you were when God called you. This is the rule I teach in all the churches. If a circumcised man has accepted God's call, he should not try to remove the marks of circumcision; if an uncircumcised man has accepted God's call, he should not get circumcised. For whether or not a man is circumcised means nothing; what matters is to obey God's commandments. Each of you should remain as you were when you accepted God's call. Were you a slave when God called you? Well, never mind; but if you have a chance to become free, use it. For a slave who has been called by the Lord is the Lord's free person; in the same way a free person who has been called by Christ is his slave. God bought you for a price; so do not become slaves of people. My friends, each of you should remain in fellowship with God in the same condition that you were when you were called. '

1 Corinthians 7:17-24

This CLEARLY STATES that you should continue to BE YOURSELF and be GAY or TRANS or QUEER or weird or whatever the heck ya be. and thats on PERIODTTTTTTTTTTTTTT PERIDOT AND PERIODICC TABLESSSSSS

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