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The Sexualization and Romanticizing of Jesus and How That Contributes to Aphobia

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Hey friends! As of late, I have been spending WAY too much of my time on TikTok. And while I have been on that platform, I've been noticing a weird trend taking place online. In many (specifically LGBT+ Christian creators' videos) many people kept speaking about the possibility of Jesus being a gay man. At first glance, this statement is fine, and just an opinion to be had about Jesus. However, when many people gave their arguments for why Jesus was a gay man, it truly hurt me to my core. The evidence for Jesus being a gay man (according to TikTok) was based on the pure strength of Him simply being a human being. Because if Jesus was a human being, then He HAD to have sexual and romantic attraction. And I mean what human being is born without sexual and romantic attraction?

As I began to read and fill myself up with this problematic and dehumanizing discourse, I began to feel an emotion of despair. So many people are so casually aphobic (or discriminatory to asexual and aromantic people); and it's so ingrained in our society, that the possibility of existing without a sexuality or romantic orientation is literally akin to not being a human being. Not foreign or simply weird; but whole, entire, not humanness. It's disheartening; and it feels so overwhelmingly hopeless for an asexual and aromantic person to be seen in this oversexualized and romanticized world. And the fact that it's coming from the LGBTQ+ Christian community at that, who are the marginalized within the marginalized, just makes it hurt more. I know that many people don't understand, or know of, many asexual or aromantic people; so they feel like they don't have to do the work of removing aphobic biases in their heart. So let me be a more visible person for y'all to think of if you need someone to care about in this community.

I am graysexual and demiromantic. And for those who don't know what that means gray(sexual or romantic) means that I rarely experience attraction (and in my case it's sexual attraction); and demi(sexual or romantic) means that I only experience attraction after an emotional bond is formed (and in my case that's romantic attraction). For me, I feel romantic and sexual attraction both rarely and separate from one another. For me, I usually experience romantic attraction first, and then sexual attraction way later down the line, once I get to know the person (if at all). But that's just me! There are many different people in the ace and aro community who are different and feel either no attraction at all, or feel it in completely different ways! We are all different and not every ace and aro person thinks or feels in the same ways!

If you want to learn more about the Asexual and Aromantic community, I'll post some links down below! And remember, Asexuals and Aromantics are people too!

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