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Stop Saying the LGBTQ+ are unGodly when Heterosexuality is LITERALLY a CURSE!

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Yes girl you read that correctly; Heterosexuality is quite literally a curse. And it is specifically a curse for women who date men. Men are literally the curse for women LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! God really fulfilled that curse because hunnyyyyyy, men are garbage LOOOOL. Anywayzzzzz here is where God cursed women with men in the bible. I know yall know the story of Adam and Eve, so when they ate the apple, heterosexuality was LITERALLY the curse God placed on Eve XD.

'And he said to the woman, “I will increase your trouble in pregnancy and your pain in giving birth. In spite of this, you will still have desire for your husband, yet you will be subject to him.” '

Genesis 3:16

Truly hilarious work from the Lord, I've got to say. Every time I feel bad about the way gays are treated in society, I think about this and cackle to myself. (a little bit too hard sometimes too) LOL anyways I'll see yall later!

*******THIS IS A JOKE*******

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