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Why Should I Let God Lead My Life?

Hello friends, have you ever questioned why God should lead your life? Recently I felt like God has been telling me to speak about this topic because I think some people may see this concept in a toxic way. Many churches paint God in an evil way, so when they explain that people should follow God, they preface it with a threat that if they don't, then He will send trouble and evil into their lives. And because God is a God of CONSENT, He doesn't actually make steps to move into people's lives who say yes in fear, because God wants us to agree to His leadership. There is no fear in love, so God would never scare anyone or force anyone into doing ANYTHING for Him, including and ESPECIALLY allowing Him to lead. This is also how you can see Christians living lives in chaos, disruption, and disorder; even though they have salvation. Many people have salvation in Christ Jesus, however, there are also many people who do not allow God to lead their lives. Many people still do everything out of their own will, and don't ask God for help, guidance, or even communicate with Him. So if you have been debating about why you should let God lead your life, I'll give you some practical reasons why you should. And no, I will not try to scare you into submission.

1. God Is A Really Nice Person (He Requires Consent)

I think that you should let God lead your life because God is honestly just a great dude. He's been there for me ever since I was a little kid, and has always been by my side. He's never tried to harm me or do any evil towards me. He's helped me out in many situations, and is just really cool. He requires consent to take a leadership role in our life, and we consistently have free will. So even when He directs our path, we don't have to follow Him if we don't want to.

2. God Knows Everything (Including Us and the Future!)

God knows everything that there is to know about every single one of us on the earth. He knows our favorite food, what we like and dislike, who we love and who we don't get along with, our favorite music and colors, and anything else about us. He knows us down to our socks. And He also knows every single outcome of the future that could ever happen involving us. So I think that you should let God lead because, God is literally someone who knows everything about us, knows about every possible earth timeline, and has crafted a plan for us that will give us EVEN MORE than what we want for ourselves. He can see the big picture so He can make plans for us involving things that we can't even imagine yet. Your dream job may be for a company that doesn't even exist yet, but if you are chasing after your own will, with your own limited knowledge, you will settle for something that God wouldn't want you to settle for. God may have plans to give you the company, but because you don't have enough faith in yourself, you settle for being a manager. When you let God lead, He gives you big things.

3. God Needs Us To Trust Him

Because God gives us big things, we have to be able to build up our trust in Him. God may tell us to do things now that may not make sense to us currently in the present, but will make perfect sense in the future. And it will be hard to follow God and listen to what He says, if we don't have trust in Him. It's kinda like those bomb-defusing games. One person has the instructions and the other is defusing the bomb. If the person defusing the bomb doesn't trust the instructor and they start doing whatever they want, then the bomb will be harder to defuse, and maybe even explode. The instructor didn't make the bomb explode, or even hand the defuser the bomb; (in fact, they were trying to help them defuse it!)

But because of their lack of trust and lack of listening, the bomb defuser has to then deal with the effects of the explosion.

Basically what I am saying is, God is literally just a sweet and loving guy who is hanging out in the sky (and on earth!) and just trying to give us our best lives. He wants us to follow Him because He has created the best lives for us to live. So when we don't follow what He has to say, we might see things go haywire and dizzy because we LITERALLY are actively working against our best life. So when you see your life going haywire because you didn’t listen to God, it’s not Him punishing you, it’s literally just the side effect of taking the worser path for yourself. So to provide an example of this concept, imagine that you are on a road that forks. One side is bright and sunny and beautiful, and the other side is dark, and filled with dangerous wildlife. If God tells you to go on the bright path and you don’t listen, what's on the dark path is not a punishment but it is quite literally the path that you have chosen for yourself because you didn’t want to listen to God.

God wants our lives to be fruitful and blessed and exciting. So when we step out and do something on our own, we are making decisions without having full knowledge of the outcome. We can guess what could happen from the decision, but we can never fully know because we are not as knowledgeable as God. So that is why we need to allow God to lead our lives. Because when we do, we can be certain that He will guide us on the best path. And that path will bless us and give us a great life!

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